Haute Cuisine Productions, Take-Away price!

Joe Public Shoot is the production label of Joe Public Take-Away Advertising. It’s actually a service to our clients to save them time and money. And to get as much ‘production value’ as possible. Since the start in 2016, we have been producing and directing about 80% of all productions ourselves, both TV commercials and online videos. We do this in different ways, sometimes with young talent, sometimes hit and run, sometimes abroad, sometimes with a freelance director and usually with our Creative Director Antoine Houtsma as a Director. We do this for almost all our clients.

Through our connection with Joe Public South Africa, we also have access to this highly developed film production country at local rates, which can also provide significant savings in working with local production companies.

If this story appeals to you, you should ofcourse have a TV script devised by Joe Public Take-Away Advertising. We are good, but not crazy. At least most of us.

Call Jeroen van Eck (020 – 76 008 77) for a free Cup of Joe.

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