About us

The 7 courses of Joe Public

At Joe Public we offer Take-Away advertising. Like in Take-Away restaurants, our prices are up on the wall for everyone to see. They are the same for every client, and about 25% cheaper than the other top-10 agencies we like to compare ourselves with. On our menu are traditional dishes like radio- and TV-campaigns, culinary dishes like a Quattro Stagioni-session, an ‘All you can eat’-campaign and of course our specialty: the Surprise-dish. And whatever you pick from our menu, you can count on our 7 promises. We call them the 7 courses of Joe Public.

1. Every client is our most important client

Take-Away Advertising means that every advertiser, big or small, can walk in whenever he wants, and pick something from our menu. That is unique. What is even more unique in the world of advertising, is our belief that we have to ‘earn’ our clients over and over again. Therefore, we don’t chain our clients with contracts. They’re free to bring their next project to another agency if they want. But we will do everything we can to keep them seated for another dish.

2. No creative pitches, for the better of our clients.

Joe Public is the only agency in the Netherlands that does not participate in creative pitches. Because these pitches take a lot of time. Time that belongs to our clients. By not joining these time and money wasting pitches, we keep our prices lower, and work faster. Thus, for a fraction of a normal pitch-compensation, Joe Public brings you a full campaign. In a fraction of the time as well.

3. Haute cuisine advertising, take-away price.

Joe Public is significantly less expensive than the traditional top-agencies in Holland, by not joining any pitches. But we save more. By internally combining different functions, not doing any monthly fees or mark-ups on purchases, the joke is never on you. In short, we do break free from quite a lot of conventions in the advertising world. Our prices are up on our menu, and the same for everyone. Interested in something that’s not on our wall? Ask us to make up a decent price. But let’s be clear: Lower prices don’t affect the quality of our work. High quality work is always leading at Joe Public. We call that Haute-Cuisine advertising for a Take-Away price.

4. Strategy and concept presentation one week after brief.

By wasting more coffee than time, we are always ready to present within a week. Thanks to our set menu prices, we never have to crank up our tariffs artificially by working on something way longer than we need to. Our whole week is about focussing 100% on real work. By planning efficiently and demanding a hands-on mentality from our strategists, creatives and account people, we succeed at meeting the deadline. Time and time again.

5. Meetingroom with 4 chairs + 1 bench

No matter how big we will become, our meetingroom will always have 4 chairs and 1 orange bench. Less people is more joy. If you take kind on working efficient. Which we do. That’s why we will never bring more than 4 people of the agency in one meeting. That leaves 4 seats for you. But you don’t have to fill them all. We won’t, unless it’s absolutely necessary.

6. Joe public united

By involving Joe Public Johannesburg (our sister agency and local ‘Agency of the Year’) we are able to stay flexible and keep the costs low. Thanks to the very profitable South-African tariffs, we can, for example, offer Haute Cuisine Design for a Take-Away price. And we can produce TV-commercials in South Africa, cheaper than any other agency.A big plus, given the opposite seasons, the lack of Jetlag and the enormously high quality standard of the South African film industry. Therefore it is our ambition to welcome a new Joe Public agency in our midst every year, expanding our worldwide network of independent agencies.

7. Money back guarantee!

We like to make amazing work. Because great advertising for you, is great advertising for us. Which brings us new clients. Therefore, if your work gets awarded a Lamp, Effie, Golden Loekie or Lion, you get our creative directors at your disposal for a day, to work on something unusual. A farewell gift for a colleague? A special Christmas card? Bringing coffee? Be creative!